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Ten (10) BLURBS • FREE

Post up to ten captioned photos, without links.


$9 • month / $79 • year

Post up to ninety-nine (99) blurbs, with links. You do it yourself, through our online interface. It's really easy.


$29 • month / $149 • year

Send us text and big pictures (or tell us where to find them) whenever you want to add something to your presence. We will shape them into excellent blurbs, up to 99 of them. And we will cross-post some of your blurbs to Twitter, Facebook + Instagram, and create FACTGRAPHS when appropriate.

How to . . .

What is a STACK?

A stack consists of BLURBS (events, announcements, publicity, offers, advertisements, services, skills).

Building a STACK

A stack gives you lots and lots of visibility. In addition to posting temporary EVENT blurbs, you can showcase your SKILLS and SERVICES. You can use your stack as a(n) (INVISIBLE) PUBLICITY engine.

What do I need?

Just a few big, interesting pictures, and whatever you want to say.

Who can work on my stack?

You can assign helpers to edit your (paid) stacks. All you need is their email address. You can assign each editor to one, two, or more of your stacks.

When should I start a second stack?

You already have a stack? You should start a second (or third ...) stack when you want to empower another section of your organization.

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